Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Eye surgery

I haven't forgotten about blogging, just been busy recovering from laser eye surgery to correct my vision.  I've had it planned since last winter, and the date finally arrived last week.  It has had mixed results.  Everything went smoothly with the right eye and my distance vision is already much improved, even though I'm still in the midst of the healing process.  Sadly, there was a complication with the left eye.  When they cut the flap in the cornea it was too thin, meaning they couldn't lift it to proceed with the actual laser correction part for fear of tearing the cornea and leaving a hole in the centre.  There's no damage done, and it will heal normally.  In 3 months I will be able to have the vision corrected in that eye using a different technique -- one that doesn't require cutting the cornea, but which will involve a much longer healing time.  I was remarkably calm about it all at the time, due to the sedative I'd taken just before the surgery to calm my nervousness about the process.  And by the time the sedative was well worn off the following day I'd already had a chance to process the initial disappointment.  So all in all I've taken it pretty well (I think Jeff was much more upset about it) but it still sucks.  In the meantime, reading is still difficult, especially on the computer screen and will likely continue to be challenging for at least a week, so it is likely to be quiet around here for the next little while.


  1. Argh, did blogger eat my comment? Had said hello, happy to see you blogging, and that sucks about the surgery. Ouch! Will wait patiently for you to heal so I can read more - welcome to blogging!!

  2. That's too bad that your one eye needs a different technique. I hope that all goes well!