Thursday, 22 September 2011

Job Jar

Jeff is taking 9 weeks of parental leave this fall, so for 2 months both of us are home with the girls.  We have a long list of jobs we've been saving to get done while he isn't working, and after only 2 weeks we've already plowed through most of it.  (I say "we" when really Jeff has done most of the work, while I've kept the kids occupied).  Jobs done so far include: Garage wall crack fixed, basement ceiling tiles replaced, rotten window frames fixed, furnace ducts sealed, yard cleaned up, and dryer venting replaced.  We also had the furnace replaced and have booked an appointment to have more insulation added to the attic. 
All this while we've also had lots of time to spend with the kids, either as a whole family or with Jeff and I taking turns so the other one gets a break.  Despite the fast pace of work getting done around the house, it still feels like we're getting our batteries recharged, which we've desperately needed as it's been an adjustment getting used to having 2 kids this past year.
Jobs remaining on our list include landscaping the yard, painting the windows and hopefully stripping and restaining the deck.
What items are in your job jar?


  1. Oh, my job jar is infinite, and rarely gets reduced. Good for you, for tackling it so successfully! We were not nearly as productive during John's parental leave, immediately following the arrival of Miss Claire. A lot of video games got played, I can assure you.

  2. We didn't accomplish anything when Jeff took his weeks of vacation right after Chloe's arrival, other than entertaining Maya and playing a lot of Wii. Jeff isn't really fond of babies, so he said he'd rather take his parental leave at the end of the year when she'd be older and more fun. We also jumped into doing all the jobs at the start of the leave ... then we ran out of steam and haven't done much for the second half, though we have one more project to try to do this week before Jeff heads back to work on Monday.