Friday, 25 November 2011

Another Incident.

This evening I was watching TV while Chloe was happily playing roaming around the family room and playing by herself.  Then she walked right up to me with her hand out and handed me something with a big smile and a coo of delight.  I took from her what appeared to be a tiny (half the size of a pea) piece of brown playdoh.  Except we have no brown playdoh.  Uh oh. Flashback to last week.  Complete the same flip-her-over-and-check-the-diaper move.  Yup.  Poo.

Guess who is sentenced to wearing onesies for the foreseeable future to avoid anymore hands-in-the-pants incidents?

(**Footnote:  There was no other mess this time.  She somehow managed to get just that tiny little piece without getting anything else dirty, including her hands.  In fact, at first I thought it had to be something else, even with the evidence of the dirty diaper, but I didn't find anything else around that she could have gotten into.)

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  1. Oh dear. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse!