Monday, 14 November 2011

Santa Claus Parade

(Note: this should have been yesterday's post, but it didn't happen)

On Saturday morning, we dressed the kids warmly and headed out to the Kanata Santa Claus Parade.  This was my very first Santa Claus Parade ever, but Jeff took Maya last year (while I stayed home with Chloe, who was only a few weeks old), and Maya was very excited about returning this year.

We had about a half hour wait for the parade to arrive at our section of the parade route. Maya endured the wait very cheerfully, but Chloe not so much.  I feared I might have to forgo the parade and take Chloe on a walk through the nighbourhood instead but to my surprise, once the head of the parade arrived, Chloe was actually quite interested in watching the parade go by and I think she enjoyed it almost as much as Maya. 

Waiting for the parade. Chloe was screaming for
Mommy to stop photographing and start cuddling.

The highlight for Maya was definitely the final float, featuring Santa riding high atop a fire engine.  Maya explained to us that Rudolph wasn't in the parade because he is at the North Pole exercising and resting to get lots of energy for pulling Santa's sleigh at Christmas.

Santa and the firetruck.

It was a great family activity, and I think it may become an annual tradition for our family.

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