Thursday, 10 November 2011

Book Lover

A few days ago I moved a small book case into Chloe's bedroom and set it up beside the rocking chair to hold some of her board books.  Chloe is already interested in reading (and eating) books, but she sometimes has to battle Maya for the right to have them to herself, so I thought it was time to put at least the ones that rightfully belong to Chloe in a spot where she'd reliably be able to find them. 

Chloe reads with Grampy during his recent visit
The very next time I took Chloe upstairs for her nap she eyed the bookshelf very carefully as soon as we sat down in her rocking chair together.  She was delighted when I read her a book before her nap.  At bedtime, she started reaching for the books as soon as we sat in the chair.  We're now three days in and she not only refuses to nurse in the chair at nap time and bedtime until after she has at least one book read to her, but she's also started clamouring for a book after every diaper change.  

Yup, she sure is my kid.

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