Saturday, 12 November 2011

Things I learned about Maya today

Maya has a homework project this month that invovles working with the parents to create a display all about herself on a piece of paper, using pictures, etc.  So today we sat down to talk about what things she'd like to share about herself.  I found out the following:
  • Team Umizoomi is her favourite TV show (she in fact listed a specific episode)
  • Her favourite foods are Fig Newtons and corn on the cob  (I had no idea)
  • Her favourite toy is the Fisher Price telephone Chloe just received for her birthday. I was impressed that Maya specified to me that it is Chloe's toy.  (Maya currently has a fascination with all of Chloe's toys.  It's creating a little bit of friction at times.)
  • I asked her to tell me some things that were special to her.  Without pausing, she said "Chloe".  (This made my heart melt!). 
  • I pressed her to tell me something else that is special to her and she told me Rudolph.  Because he is her very bestest reindeer and she loves him.  (This one was not a surprise.  She has been enthralled with Rudolph since last Christmas.  The infatuation just started waning in October, but the new Christmas season has brought it to the fore already.)


  1. Sooooo cute. We will have to give Team Umizoomi a try. I am also loving this project!

  2. Awww, Chloe is an awesome thing to say!

    I remember my daughter doing a similar project a few years ago, and her favourite show at the time was Head's Up with CBC's Quirks and Quarks host Bob McDonald. Her project ended up having a big picture of him on her page. Too funny...

  3. I may have to ask Will some of these questions. I'm not positive I know all of his answers, though I would be quite happy if Claire was among his favorite things.