Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blueberry yumminess

I've been engaged in a fit of domesticity this week, cleaning and cooking and stocking my freezer with spaghetti sauce and my grandma's pizzaburger topping mixture (a post for another day). Today I turned my energy to finally making the blueberry jam that's been on my agenda for .. ahem ... months. 

Jam is actually pretty easy peasy to make.  The not-so-easy-peasy part is that you have to stay with it and keep wtaching/stirring during the process so it doesn't burn, thus making it hard to do with small children underfoot.  I did my best to ensure some uninterrupted time by prepping as much as I could while the kids ate lunch, then I whisked Chloe off to bed for her nap, popped a DVD in for Maya and got to work. 

I made two batches: one regular, and one low-sugar.  I now have 14 jars of lovely purplish blueberry jam sitting on my counter, waiting to be labelled and stored away in my jam cupboard tomorrow.  Mmmm mmm, yummy blueberry jam all winter!

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