Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Sunday, as previously mentioned, was the joint birthday party for the girls.  Maya was on the subdued side and when she declined to finish her birthday cake, I knew something was up.  Turns out she was developing a bit of a fever. She was up multiple times overnight, feverish and unhappy (it didn't help that Daddy gave only a half dose of Ibuprofen at bedtime, which wasn't enough to keep the fever at bay and let her sleep through the night).  We kept her home from school, and she was chipper enough int he morning but by early afternoon the fever was returning and she was refusing to take any medication, so it looked like this would be her Halloween:
Watching TV with a barf bowl ... just in case
She eventually did swallow down the dreaded medicine and shortly thereafter fell asleep on the couch.  After an hour long nap, she was feeling well enough that we decided to allow her out for trick or treating.  I'm not sure it's great parenting to allow your sick kid to dress up and wander the neighbourhood after dark, but we couldn't bring ourselves to keep her home and tell her she'd have to wait another 366 days (2012 is a leap year) until her next opportunity to trick or treat.  Here she is in her giraffe costume:

Halloween 2011

 The discerning among you may notice a certain familiarity about the costume.  It is, in fact, the third year in a row for it.  Last year I was being thrifty and she didn't really know the difference, so we used the costume that had been large on her the year before.  She insisted this year that she wanted to be a giraffe again, despite the fact that I assured her she could choose something else. I was sure the old costume would be too small and I actually spent quite a bit of time searching online and in second hand shops to find either another giraffe costume or something else that she'd fall in love with and accept as a replacement.  I finally allowed her to try on the old costume hoping to prove to her that it did not, in fact, fit and she'd have to choose something else.  Mommy was the one on the receiving end of the "I told you so's" when it actually fit after all.
Here are the photos of the earlier years:

Halloween 2010
Halloween 2009

She may have grown a lot, but she's still one heck of a cute giraffe. 

Last year at Halloween I was sitting at home handing out candy and anxiously waiting for our baby girl to make her appearance the next day.  This year, Chloe dressed up in her spider onesie and helped Daddy hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters at the door.  (Okay, in actuality she cried at all the strangers in weird costumes.) Here she is:

My little spider-baby


  1. Oh, poor Maya! I definitely think it was the right choice to let her go out. It was a lovely night - plus, last year my son was sick and we've heard about nothing else for a WHOLE YEAR. So yes, better out sick than home and treatless!

  2. We had a spider baby too, only ours had extra chenille legs pinned on and mommy had to wear yarn cobwebs.

  3. I would have let my kids go out too if I were in your shoes. I may in fact have let my daughter run in a 2K race when she had, ahem, H1N1. Though honest to goodness I didn't know what it was at the time (eek).