Saturday, 26 November 2011

When do they get quiet?

(Note: this is back-posted.  I tried to use the scheduled post feature to have this come up on Saturday, but I messed up and it didn't post, so I'm correcting it today).

From parents of older children ... is there a tage at which I can expect my children will develop some kind of volume control?  It's been crazy noisy around here lately.  Maya was a pretty quiet child until about a year ago, aroudn age three.  Since turning four, it seems she's ratcheted up the volume again. Menawhile, Chloe has to compete with her older sister, so she's much more vocal than Maya was at this age.  Sometimes we can barely hear ourselves think, with all the chatter and singing and shrieking that goes on. (Yes, Maya has entered the stage of little-girl-excited shrieky-ness.  Yikes!)  It's compounded by the fact that Maya almost alwyas declines to play in the basement or upstairs in her bedroom.

Please tell me there's light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. Um, no words of encouragement over here! We're still waiting for a little peace and quiet and our oldest is now 8. With Christmas coming, the general level of squealing around here has hit the higher decibels. Sigh.