Sunday, 6 November 2011

Best Laid Plans

This afternoon we took the kids to the wave pool.  Between the swimming and it being the first day after the time change we knew they'd be starving as soon as we got home. So we planned a roast beef dinner and set the oven timer to come on while we were out.  I crushed garlic and rubbed it over the roast.  I was excited by our domesticity.  We'd be able to walk in the door to the scent of a nice home cooked meal and sit down and eat right away: a nice Sunday dinner to top off a nice afternoon activity with the family.

It was a great plan.


We, um ... skipped the step where you put the roast in the oven. 

We were at the pool when Jeff turned and me and said something along the lines of "you did put the roast into the oven, right?"  My witty reply was along the lines of "No, didn't you put it in the oven?" At which point we both understood that our oven was at that moment heating thin air while the roast sat on the counter.

We fed the girls snacks for supper and Jeff and I ate late.* 

Next time we go swimming, maybe we'll just plan to pick up pizza.

(*The roast was delicious.)


  1. I'm still back at the beginning of this post where you a) knew how to set the timer on the stove and b) know how to make a pot roast. I bow down to your domestic goddessness!

  2. Lynn, I must disclose that I cooked my first roast when my mother in law was here the other week, and that I rely on a great digital thermometer to tell me when it is cooked. Also, I have no idea how to set the timer of the stove, that's my husband's job, lol!

  3. Oh no, that was so sad!
    We (meaning my husband) often cook a Sunday roast, but it seems like all the other stuff like the potatoes, veggies, gravy etc. are what make the mess and the work at the last half hour. How did you get around that part, when you did finally get to eat?

  4. We microwaved some potatoes (small ones, so they cooked fast) and had raw carrot sticks for veggies. Which was actually ok, since my husband prefers his carrots raw anyhow. The kids actually gave us some peace and quiet, playing nicely so we ate before 7pm, then put the kids to bed. It was a bit rushed, though ... if I'd thought about it, having missed the mark for family dinner we should have delayed putting in the roast another hour and we could have had dinner together after the kids were in bed, since both went down quickly and easily due to the time change and the afternoon of swimming. But then, if I'd planned it that way probably the kids would have battled their bedtimes and we would have ended up eating at midnight.